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Leadership Development


Since 1928 God has been using Gimli Bible Camp to introduce thousands of people to Jesus Christ. Our mission is to “Reach the otherwise unreached” by giving them the opportunity to experience the unconditional love and joy that only He can give. Christian camping is the most effective tool of evangelism used by God and we want to train the next generation of leaders to be effective in His harvest. He is capable of accomplishing what we cannot.

The Leadership Development Program at Gimli Bible Camp is an opportunity to experience camp life, build relationships, learn life skills and develop leadership skills. LDP will run from July 2 - July 19 this year. It is designed to give you a biblical base and training in what ministry is: to serve Christ both at camp and in the community. During the first two weeks there will be a lot of instruction. There will also be daily bible studies, games, swimming and other recreation activities.  Also you can look forward to a small canoe out trip with the LDP team!  During the 3rd week of the program you will work in a cabin as a junior cabin leader or rotate through the various background jobs at camp. For those who are ready we may ask if you will continue to serve as a staff member in August. Our desire is to keep mentoring you throughout the summer. We want you to become a strong leader.

LDP is the best way to prepare for a full summer of service at camp. GBC is looking for young people who can demonstrate an ability to quietly serve others with joy and without seeking attention or glory for themselves. LDP may be the most difficult thing you will have ever done, but it will also be one of the most powerful experiences of your life. Our goal is to help you live out your Christian faith more intentionally. Because we get to know you and you experience how we do our mission here at GBC. Completing the LDP will make you a better Summer Missionary in the years to come.


SPIRITUAL GROWTH: You will be challenged and stretched as you build relationships through daily activities, Bible studies, and discussion times. You will be asked to go beyond your normal limits, and as you do so you will be able to see God work in and through you. Whatever the summer brings, it will provide ample opportunity for you to trust God more.

WORK EXPERIENCE: LDP will offer times of hard work (don’t think that you are coming to camp for a holiday). There will also be about 1 hour of recreation each day. Your day will include Bible study and discussion, laughter, spontaneous fun. The LDP members will spend a lot of their time learning; what it means and takes to be a cabin leader, how to teach a skill, lead a camp game and cabin devotions.